Get a good knife.”
-Elana, author of

Lightly season your food as you prepare each step, this will insure that your food is well seasoned throughout and avoids over-salting in the end. Taste as you go!”
-Gina Homolka, author of

Don’t stress about doing things the “right” way–as long as it tastes delicious and you don’t end up with food poisoning, there’s no right or wrong in cooking.”
-Kiersten Frase, author of

Don’t be afraid to experiment.”
-Beth M., author of

Bros taste stuff, often!  Taste things as often as you can through all parts of the cooking process. That way you’ll learn how what you are doing in the pan affects the taste / texture of it’s contents.You can learn the basics from blogs or books, but at the end of the day your tastebuds are your most important tool in the kitchen, so use them often.”
-Fritz Brand, author of

Have fun in the kitchen. Make mistakes. Follow your taste buds… You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can create. Oh, and celebrate your work with a happy dance :)”
– Shelby Kroach, author of

Use thick pots and pans.”
-My Mom

Great meals start with great ingredients.”
-Matt R. Moore, author of Have Her Over for Dinner

Keep it basic at first, few ingredients and only one or two cooking methods at a time. Also its very helpful to follow recipes when learning to cook, they teach you about what ingredients tend to go well together, different cooking methods, ways of preparing ingredients, how to season and so much more.”
-Angela LeMoine, author of

Stock your pantry with basic ingredients, if your grandma wouldn’t have cooked with it then you really don’t need it. One of my favorite resources for creating new recipes or adapting an existing recipe is The Flavor Bible.”
-Katie, author of

Every beginner cook must have the proper tools or cooking will be more of a chore than an exciting journey. We suggest investing a small amount of money in the following items:
A chef’s knife (also known as a French or cook’s knife) and a paring knife. They don’t need to be expensive, but we don’t recommend trying to chop veggies with your steak knives.
Also fantastic are a good veggie peeler and a wooden spoon for sautéing. You need to protect the surface of your pots and pans. A comfortable pair of tongs and a silicone spatula round out the basic necessities.”
-Kathy Siegel, RD, CDN and Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RD, co-founders of

Man up and commit to stocking your pantry. When I talk to beginner chefs the first hurdle they face is making cooking a regular habit and keeping their grocery bills affordable. Investing in all the essentials up front will motivate you to get cooking in order to use the food already in your cupboards, and it will cut down on your grocery bill day to day if you only have to pick up a few fresh ingredients to work with.”
-Phoebe Lapine, author of

Read through the whole recipe before you start to cook.”
-Raven Chelanee, author of