The Bro Cooking Rules were passed down to bro-kind thousands of years before Moses climbed to the top of Mount Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments. Inscriptions of the Bro Cooking Rules have been found on cave walls dating back to the earliest Neanderthal era. Leading anthropologists and geochronologists have estimated that these inscriptions are roughly 300,000 years old — belonging to the Mousterian Stone Tool Culture.

The 10 Bro Cooking Commandments

Rule #1: Bros cook recipes with 5 ingredients or less.
Rule #2: Bros use awesome phrases while cooking, i.e. “That’s gravy, bro” and “Bro, more tabasco.”
Rule #3: Bros add bacon whenever possible.
Rule #4: Bros aren’t afraid of veggies.
Rule #5: Bros’ cooking abilities attract top quality mates.
Rule #6: Bros know how to budget.
Rule #7: Bros have a few vegan recipes in their back pocket.
Rule #8: Meat.
Rule #9: Bros insert “bro” in their everyday dialogue.
Rule #10: Bros always have leftovers.