Since the beginning of time, bros have cooked amazing bro meals. Bros survived and reproduced because their superior meal preparation skills attracted top quality mates and ensured long-term health.

But over the past century, the sacred bro tradition of cooking has begun to die. New technologies like fast food, phone delivery, and frozen pizzas have hoodwinked bros into believing that cooking is a lost art. Every year, fewer and fewer bros impart their meal preparation skills on the next generation of bros.

Without basic meal preparation skills, the bro stands little chance against his modern day competitors (i.e. the hipster) when attempting to attract top quality mates.

If no action is taken, the Center for Bros Research (CBR) estimates that bros will be extinct by 2085.

Cooking for Bros is here to change this.

About Cooking for Bros

  • Cooking for Bros teaches modern-day bros how to cook.
  • Cooking for Bros is not Emeril. It’s not Bobby Flay.
  • Cooking for Bros is simple, healthy, and budget-friendly.
  • Cooking for Bros shares recipes containing about 5 ingredients.
  • Cooking for Bros posts new recipes 2-3 times/week to the website.
  • Cooking for Bros sends an easy recipe to its email list every day. Sign up on the right side of this page.
  • Cooking for Bros is dedicated to helpingĀ bros attract top quality mates.
  • Cooking for Bros can help bros get six-pack abs.

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